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Launch4j - Cross-platform Java executable wrapper

Useful if you want to wrap jar files. Because people trust PE binaries more than jar files. [insert deity of your personal choice here] knows why.

#coding #java
1. Neuen branch erstellen (idealerweise macht man das vorher, geht jetzt aber auch noch)
2. Dann mach am besten erstmal den PR (wenn du einen neuen comit machst aktualisiert sich der schon) :
=> Neuer PR
* meinst Du ?
* Wo füge ich den Eintrag hinzu, unter Fixed?
* ich hab noch kein Issue zum Verlinken, lasse ich das einfach weg?

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Aktuelle Leseliste #Autokorrektur
9.3. Hanauer Frauenwoche – virtuell
17. – 20.3. Leipzig @klimabuchmesse @buchmesse
22.3. Köln @Radkomm
23.3. Bochum
24.5. Osnabrück
25.5. Dörverden
25./26. Juni Würzburg
27. Juni Schweinfurt
Juli (Daten folgen):
Cover meines Buches als Buch dargestellt, das einen Schatten wirft.

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Gerade bei jemand hier gefunden (und finde die Person nicht noch einmal wieder).

Wunderbarer Artikel:
Der Artikel war wahrscheinlich ursprünglich von @Midori gepostet.
Ihr wart in meiner Timeline direkt übereinander. 😊
Ja, richtig 😀 Hatte sie dann auch wiedergefunden.


Union wirft Hertha im Stadtderby aus dem DFB-Pokal

Die Frage nach der Stadtmeisterschaft ist geklärt: Union ist nicht nur in der Liga klar besser, sondern hat die Hertha auch aus dem DFB-Pokal geworfen. Dadurch stehen die Ostberliner nun im Viertelfinale.

"Tell me manpages were written in the 70s without telling me manpages were written in the 70s."

submitted by JamesRustleford

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remember when people thought i was a nazi because i had a coco chanel avatar
Huh? Why would they think that?
apparently not everyone knows her and googling her leads to articles about nazi stuff

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series finally has a name: The Rings of Power
Oh, der Trailer ist im Hauptteil nicht CGI, sondern echt gefilmtes heißes Metall:
Teaser-Making-of: #TheRingsofPower
ach krqass, das hat aber so stark geleuchtet ich hätte vermutet es war CGI. Vlt. auch einfach gut nachbearbeitet…
Was ich nicht verstehe: Die machen sich so einen Höllenaufwand mit dem Teaserlein, der auch kaum/kein? CGI verwendet, aber laden dann den Teaser nur in 1080p auf YT hoch? Kann mal jemand mit Prime prüfen, ob es den da in 4K HDR gibt? #TheRingsofPower

Content warning: lewd

Popo dans le tunnel ❤️
Un tunnel de chat avec Popo au bout

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Verge article: "Is Microsoft Building a Gaming Monopoly?"

Yes. There, I saved you some reading time.

Weyland-Yutani was the first company to almost solve the problem of "not enough desktop space to store all my open browser tabs"

Neue Aufkleber😀

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Das sind doch keine Aufkleber. DAS sind Aufkleber:
Die müssten eigentlich auf der Klebeseite bedruckt sein. Damit man es von innen lesen kann.

i’d love to have a fediverse alternative that is so unwieldy you have to self-host in some way or another, and that doesn’t depend on static ip addresses or DNS or any form of centralized crypto authority
maybe nntp, have a dedicated group where people post cryptographically signed updates as normal posts for servers to update from.

Gerade entdeckt, dass mein Neo-QLED-Samsung-TV Webcams unterstützt (meine Logitech Streamcam ist dabei) und man damit praktische Multi-Ansichten einstellen kann von Fitness-Videos und rechts davon Bild der Webcam zum Gegencheck.

lain is Joe biden?

the more i hear about main series sword art online the more impressed i am that reki kawahara decided to put all the weird shit into the main series instead of the spinoffs

Ich hab die Serie #Bosch geschaut und lese jetzt einen Roman des Autors, in dem es um eine andere Ermittlerin, #Ballard, geht. Harry Bosch kommt aber auch vor. Auch einer der Fälle aus der Serie kommt vor, der mit Daisy.
Schon interessant, was man für die Serie geändert hat!
Die Romane lesen sich echt flüssig 😎 auch auf Deutsch!

Old World Third Street officially renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Drive

At last, Milwaukee got its act together.

#martinlutherking #milwaukee

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The "entertainment district"?

so if i understand correctly, alex removed auto-mentioning everyone on a thread and now people are losing their shit?
do you stil get notifications for them?
yes, the fact of mentions being in the text is purely incidental, they have nothing to do with the 'real' mentions. you can see the 'real' mentions when you click reply on most frontends, it'll add all of them at the begin

1) what is the point of the change

2) why do people flip their shit about it
1) don't fill up posts with @blabalba, mostly a cosmetic change

2) drama
1) if it's cosmetic why it's not optional? Why not rollback and try again better?

2) because most clients don't show metadata explicitly and people don't understand if it's a reply or OP or what discussion it's part of and filtering metadata to avoid duplication is complicated, I don't expect clients to do HTML parsing like PleromaFE does.
if i understand AP correctly there's 0 reason to look at the actual post text if you want to find out who you're replying to. imagine an imageboard thread where every reply is full of


this ultra-verbose tree style discussion format is absolutely cancer for any form of conversation and i welcome every change that contributes to its total and permanent erasure
how does this play with mentioning someone mid-post as part of the text? would it yeet the mention and mess up the post?
you can add implicit mentions by @ing people as much as you want.
>why do people flip their shit about it

Because many client apps don't show mentions from metadata. Only those in the post. This broke fedi experience for a lot of people, myself included.
this makes mentions (except the main one) non-obvious for interaactions with the two servers (poast, gleasonator) who run this dev build. In the current pleroma build this is displayed just fine.
>displayed just fine

It's still less readable and annoying

>current pleroma build

And how many people are willing to upgrade to it, considering the federation issues, the crashes/restarts, not to mention lack of groups (which would help the issue of hellthreads drastically) and lack of ability to simply update just the frontend part of it? What about mastodon users?
i remember making it easy to upgrade just the frontend
1) what is the point of the change

To fix shit that's unwieldy and annoying.

2) why do people flip their shit about it

Because it got pushed out abruptly and caused great annoyance for anyone not on Soapbox. Many projects are near dormant but work reasonably well. Suddenly they didn't and there was no fix in sight.

Then when people complained (pro tip, breaking people's shit tends to piss them off) the response amounted to "fuck you, write your own software". :blobcatfacepalm:
"no fix in sight" is not that accurate, pleroma is 'fixed', friendica has worked like this for a long time anyway, and mastodon, well, pic related.

no idea about misskey but they are always super responsive.

not thinking about mastodon huh? Just like mastodon not thinking about pleroma and gnu social. Tsk tsk tsk.
I honestly haven't updated and haven't had that many problems,,,,, maybe it's that I don't like big threads anyways
i just ignore poast because they people on there are mostly annoying to me so no issue
@lain (old school) @𝕾𝖕𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖟𝖎𝖊 @Neko neko nya! :cursed_verified::makemeneko: that pic describes Mastodon very well I guess. The Fediverse is Mastodon, from their POV.

So there are/were projects that need the mention in the text and that don't use the mentions that are not part of the "body" of a post?
crazy how friendica is destroying the fediverse

½ Pfund gröblich gestoßener Zucker, 1 Pfund geriebener Zucker, ¼ Pfund Zucker, 1/2 Unze Pfeffer.

If you’re thinking of writing a murder mystery in your spare time, here are some ideas.

#humor #mysteries
Oh yes. It’s part of the reason my brother was some years younger than me.
The threads of this conversation are quite difficult to disentangle.

Artisanal in many instances, @Brian Fitzgerald, and in many senses. I two am reading it as three...

First memories.. Hmm. I recall being in a pushchair being pushed into town by my mother. I have a vague memory of my parents' home as it originally appeared before various home improvements. The old, tiled fireplaces, some sort of glass fronted corner cupboard... No idea how old I was or which memory comes first. I have an image of a cot that I think was mine but I don't recall being in it. Details are hazy.

"i was straight but then i discovered the beatles" what

Nach 90 min. Interview per Videocall merken, dass der volle Wäscheständer die ganze Zeit hinter mir im Bild war 🥳
Und immerhin hast du deine Wäsche im Griff 😉
haha true

every time i read about some niche sexuality group thinking up a new slur for themselves i think of kirito calling himself a beater in sword art online season 1

Nikon Photographer auf Twitter: "January morning in South West London" / Twitter

Wow! really beautiful!
@Khurram Wadee @Jamie Macbeth

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The dark web hub?
corn hub because i need to learn how to grow corn

Habt Ihr noch alte Laptops/ PCs rumstehen oder -liegen? 🐧 Linux kann sie wieder zum Rennen bringen 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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Ja, #heyAlter ist auch eine der größeren überregionalen Organisationen, die in dem Bereich sehr aktiv sind. Aber im Fediverse sind sie m.W. noch nicht vertreten. Arbeitest Du bei denen mit oder hast da Kontakte?

Daher hatte ich erstmal @Computertruhe e. V. als Beispiel genannt, weil die ja hier sehr aktiv sind.
Gibt natürlich noch weitere, regionale Projekte in dem Bereich wie @Computerwerk Darmstadt e.V. , die ja zudem noch betreiben. Oder , da hatte ich auch jemanden aus dem Vorstand mal kennengelernt.
Wer noch weitere Empfehlungen hat, gerne noch ergänzen! 🤓👍

@Computertruhe e. V. (Berlin) @Computertruhe e. V. (München) @Computertruhe e. V. (Chemnitz)

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Heh .. until now, i didn't recognize, that Jared Harris not only portrayed Anderson Dawes in #Expanse exceptionally well... but he is also the actor of the following equally well portrayed roles:

David Robert Jones - in Fringe
Valery Legasov - in Chernobyl - and
Hari Seldon - in Foundation --> Foundation TV Series

I have to say .. he portrayed every role very very good....

#Expanse #Fringe #Foundation #Chernobyl #SciFi #Jared #Harris #Actor
Oh and his father was Richard Harris!

OpenStep had its scrollbars on the left, and so does acme, I've just moved my text-editor's scrollbars to the left-side of the window to try it out. I like it because my cursor is often nearer to the left side of the window, but..

I was wondering, is there a reason why the scrollbars are more often to the right?

Righthandedness driving design?
it appears so, the hand-across-the-screen experiment seems to indicate that at least.
Thinking in physical space too: Right handed, moving mouse to the left is a possible keyboard collision and to the right is wide open space.
personally, i prefer my scrollbars smack-dab in the middle

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