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Great news today!

A brand-new /e/-smartphone is available: we have worked with Gigaset in Germany to bring the /e/-GS290 to the market!

Ready to protect your data and deGoogle your life with a smartphone #madeinEU?

Orders are open at:

#privacy #opensource

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Based on which Android Version?
Think better about the #pinephone
/e/ ist based in LineageOS
Thank you. But I meant the Version. Android 10?
Apart from that, is there any roadmap for "newer" /e/ releases on "older" devices (such as the Moto G 2015 osprey)? I'd really love to use /e/ on that device but falling back from Lineage 17.1 / Android 10 to something Nougat based is a step too big to take, the device only really became usable with Android > 8.
On the homepage: From which version of Android is /e/ forked?

Android 7 (Nougat)/LOS14 (/e/-0.x-N branch)
Android 8 (Oreo)/LOS 15 (/e/-0.x-O branch).
Android 9 (Pie)/LOS 16 (/e/-0.x-P” branch).

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