Using #friendica all along with #mastodon (and both in desktop and mobile apps) still feels a tad weird. It's good to have a "fallback" system, but it also throws quite a bunch of minor and major "issues" right into your face. When I started out in "the #fediverse" years ago, I was kind of hoping to get away from multiple accounts on multiple systems (like in the proprietary walled gardens), but seems it simply doesn't work like that.

#friendica folks: Is friendica stripping @-mentions in responses? This behaviour looks a bit weird but I don't know whose fault it is.
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... this is how the message looks in #fedilab on #mastodon :

... and this is how the same message looks like in #tusky on #friendica :

!Friendica Support I'm trying to use some #friendica instances in some #Android apps (like #andstatus but it is reproducible in others too) and fail to connect the apps to #friendica. What happens: (a) App will redirect me to the login screen of my instance in some browser or web view. (b) I will log in there. (c) #friendica will provide me with a message whether or not I want to authenticate the app to have access to my data. (d) Expectation would be that I get redirected to the app for all further steps. In reality, nothing happens - I just keep on tapping that "Yes" button but still stay in the browser view.
Is that a known issue? It seems to work in *some* browsers but not in all, and it doesn't work in apps like #andstatus that don't allow for / use a different browser. Any ideas?
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Do you have got a Pleroma or Mastodon account? it would be nice to see if this problem exists there as well. If not then possibly we can do something about this in Friendica. In the other case I sadly can only refer you to the app developers.

I know that the AndStatus is really fast in answering requests, so possible he can help you anyway hiere.
@Michael Vogel I use Mastodon regularly too and havne't seen something like this with any of the Mastodon accounts so far. I'm not really sure what needs to happen in order to redirect from the web view to the actual app. Some sort of Android intent possibly?

Is anyone out here using #friendica on #loma.ml all along with #andstatus? I'd love to give it a try but somehow I already fail to get this to work while trying to connect the app to the instance in the (web-view?) based browser... 😑️
@Kristian Rink I use #tusky and #twidere myself. There are no problems for me. Do you use iOS or Android?
@Matthias/E Both seem to work with a custom browser to open the OAuth(?) screen. #andstatus just has a few specialties I enjoy using once in a while (and unfortunately, most apps somehow seem ... limited while being used with #friendica ... 😔️).
@Kristian Rink If you like, you can report the problem via helpers@forum.friendi.ca . There are also Friendica developers there who are certainly interested in the problem.
AndStatus@Mastodon mastodon (AP)
As I remember, some years ago #AndStatus could connect to #friendica as to a GnuSocial type of a Social network. This means that you would use plain text password during login, and no OAuth authorization screen and a WebView (Browser) at all.
Kristian mastodon (AP)
Just for completeness' sake: Figured out that at least for loma.ml this seems to work by connecting #andstatus as a GNUSocial network. Not sure if there are any other limitations with that approach, though.

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#friendica crowd: What's the recommended way of importing a contact list exported off mastodon? Is that even possible? Would like to sync my accounts a bit better...

#friendica crowd: What mobile app do you suggest for use with an #Android device these days? Anything that should work well out of the box?
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